Speeding Up Centered Part 1: 81 <iframe> Embeds

July 19, 2023📖10 minute read

Improving a page's performance by over-eager loading most of its embedded content.

My Plans for 2023

March 23, 2023📖20 minute read

How I'm going to make 2023 awesome.

2022 In Review

January 07, 2023📖10 minute read

Looking back at a pivotal year in my open source career.

How I Apply to Conferences

November 17, 2022📖10 minute read

From a hundred conference applications and thirty speaking roles, this is my process for submitting talks.

No Unattainable Intelligence

September 28, 2022📖4 minute read

In trying to make ourselves relatable, we reinforce the negative perception of intelligence gaps.

Standards Compliant Rickrolling

April 01, 2022📖10 minute read

How to create an effective rickroll site with the Vimeo Player SDK despite around modern web browser autoplay restrictions.

Why Open Source Pull Requests Can Take A While

March 07, 2022📖5 minute read

Those costs run both ways. Open source contributors and maintainers alike have to balance their finite energy and time resources within many constraints.

Full Time Open Source

January 22, 2022📖10 minute read

I'm quitting my job to become a full time open source maintainer

Don't Write Bad Code

August 19, 2021📖10 minute read

A mantra for constantly learning to keep myself writing at my best.

Team Construction Pitfalls

January 23, 2021📖10 minute read

How misbalanced or poorly positioned teams restrict their developers in both the short and long term.

Type System Game Engines

October 05, 2020📖25 minute read

Just for fun, what if we crafted a board game purely within TypeScript's logical type system?

Helpful Tips for Accessibility

January 03, 2020📖10 minute read

Tips for turning both your engineering projects and overall organization into an accessibility machine.

I'm Moving Blogs!

September 13, 2019📖2 minute read

Medium can eat it. I'm going open source with Gatsby!

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